Beating The Summer Blogging Blues


Summer is the season for bathing suits, BBQs, and the…blues? It seems like when summer rolls around the temperature goes up and your blog reach goes down, which may put you in a state of the “summer blues.”  No need to stress, though, look to using the excitement of the summer to connect with your audience. Here are five tips for beating the summer blogging blues:


  1. Beat the heat: Everyone is trying to escape the heat during the summer, so use this to your advantage.  Share your go-to spots to visit when it’s just too hot out. This could be a local coffee shop, a favorite book store, or even a few indoor or outdoor evening events that are happening in your area.


  1. Beauty Time: During the summer months, many people have a lot more time on their hands. So use this time to your advantage and share something beauty related that you may not have time to indulge in during the other times of the year. Kristina of Mothers Niche recently shared a fun DIY facial, so why not give it a try and share your experience with your readers?  Don’t forget to link back to Kristina’s post, though, because sharing is caring – even in the blog world.


  1. Summer Reading List:  Who doesn’t enjoy a good book over the summer? It’s the perfect time to get ahead on your reading, so why not come up with a great list of books that you think your audience would enjoy? The gals over at The Indie Chicks recently shared their summer reads, so read through their post for a bit of inspiration to get you started.


  1. Best Road Trip Games: Come up with a list of some fun trivia and mind games for people who are traveling this summer. Create your own game, or search around for a few fun ideas to share!


  1. Summer Recipes:  During the summer months, people are looking for recipes that are light and healthy. So why not write a post about your favorite healthy and delicious recipe? Taralynn of Simply Taralynn has shared a lot of healthy recipes that are super easy and fresh, like this yummy looking Avocado Celery Root Salad that would be perfect for a picnic lunch!


What are you some of your favorite ways to beat the heat and keep your blog readers engaged during the summer months? Share your ideas with us in the comments below, and don’t forget to sign-up to be a part of the Find Your Influence team if you haven’t already! Big things are happening for us and our influencers this summer, and we would love for you to be a part of it!


By: Kailey Loud and Chelsea Goodson for Find Your Influence

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5 Tips for Blogging While Working Full-Time


We’ll be the first to admit this, blogging is time consuming. Between creating fresh and creative ideas, writing heartfelt posts, taking and editing photographs, posting to your blog and keeping up with your social sites, you could spend all day working on your site. However, many bloggers also play many other roles in life, like mom, student, and coach, many of which may also have a full-time career. So the question becomes, where does the time for blogging come and how do you fit such a time consuming process into your schedule? We’ll we’ve come up with five tips for blogging while working full-time (or being a full-time student, mom, coach, etc.,) and know that these tips will not only help increase your productivity and help you to work smarter (not harder), but also help increase your engagement and grow your audience along the way.

  1. Utilize a Content Calendar

-Content Calendars are great for sorting through your ideas, coming up with a monthly theme, and having your photos and posts planned out before the month even begins. Here at FYI, we utilize this type of calendar every month to keep us organize and prepared for the month ahead, leaving us extra time to be present and in the know. We promise this calendar will save you so much time in the long run, and also to help keep you on-track and better organized.

  1. Schedule!

-The next best thing to having your content already prepared for the day is having it already scheduled too. We loving using tools like Hootsuite and Edgar to keep our posts on time and our schedule worry-free!

  1. Network!

-Get to know other bloggers and influencers in your area who have similar tastes and style as you! Be each other’s advocates and look to promoting one another’s content. The more you network and engage with your peers, fans and followers, the more you’ll see your blog grow.

  1. Track Your Blog Performance

-You’ve done all of the hard work, now track your performance! Tracking tools like Google Analytics and ShareTally can help you see which posts are performing the best, where your views are coming from, and also who some of your most engaging fans and followers are. Also, let your performance guide your content calendar for future months. Play into your strong points and create content that you know your readers are going to love.

  1. Have Fun!

-Don’t forget, blogging should be fine! While it can get overwhelming, especially when you have a full-time job or other obligations, don’t let that stop you from blogging at all. Take your blog one post at a time, and remember, your readers love you for you, so stay true to your voice and have fun with it!


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7 Free Tools You Should be Using To Help You Manage Your Blog

clockBlogging should be fun, right? After all, it’s all about you and your interests. But when you’re balancing kids, a full-time job, dinners and more, keeping your blog updated can start to feel like a burden. Find Your Influence to the rescue! We’ve gathered some of our favorite apps, tools and programs that can help you manage your blog and social presence more efficiently, and hopefully, more enjoyably.

1. Feedly

A big part of creating great blog content is keeping up with what’s popular on the web. But who has time to read the entire internet? You do. If you’re not already using a reader, start now. By putting all of your favorite links into Feedly, you can get your daily reading done all in one place. You can easily see who has new posts and what’s popular. You can also divide your content into different categories—like mom blogs or recipes.

2. Editorial Calendar Plugin

If you have a WordPress blog, this one is for you. Instead of using spreadsheets or logging in to other apps, you can manage your editorial calendar directly in WordPress. The free plugin offers drag and drop functionality in a easy-to-use calendar where you can see all of your posts at once.

3. Buffer

You already know having a social media marketing is important, but geez louise it’s hard to keep up with. Buffer can help. First of all, the web app is pretty. Good design is always a major plus. You can schedule posts, copy them to other platforms and easily add their suggested content.

4. iDashboard app

This free mobile app is a great way to keep track of your blog data. Simply connect your Google Analytics account and then you can easily view your key performance indicators whenever you want.

5. Evernote

This app has become extremely popular so you’re likely already using it, but it’s definitely worth the mention in case you’re not. Evernote is like a digital filing cabinet. You can use it to store and organize anything from recipes to last year’s taxes. If you use their web clipper, you can easily grab articles you see on the web, add some helpful tags and save—all without leaving the page. You can also use it to store blog images, graphics and ideas.

6. Easy Tweet Embed

Another WordPress plugin, Easy Tweet Embed does exactly what you’d think. It makes sharing your blog post on Twitter easy. You can add prepopulated text to the share button so that when someone wants to tweet your post, most of the work is already done for them.


Good visual content is often just as important as the words on the page. But hey, we can’t all be professional designers! is an easy-to-use tool for building beautiful graphics. You can build a graphic from one of their templates,  add features to your liking, save as an image or pdf, and voila! You’ve got great graphics to share with your followers.
There are tons of other tools out there that can make managing your blog easy and more enjoyable. What are some of your favorites?

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5 Simple Blogging Tips

5 Simple Blogging Tips:

Spell Check

Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be the winner of your 8th grade spelling bee, or have a degree in etymology, but you should be using a tool that spell checks. You also should be re-reading your posts. If you want to work with an advertiser make sure your posts are clean, spell checked, and the appearance is what you were expecting.


You should check your own links, as well as have someone else check your links. If your social links go to a dead or private page, it’s doesn’t look good to a business who was hoping to work with you. Numbers aren’t everything, but in the corporate world, they matter.

Social Links

You don’t have to be friends with everyone, nor do you have to invite the world into your private life! That is why you should have both a personal social account, and a public blog account. If you’re posting for an advertiser and they can’t click and see the post they’re paying you for, that is a problem. Also, it’s nice to see how active your blog account is. Lastly, definitely don’t add a social icon to your site to just add it. Make an account, and make sure the link work on your blog.


You’re thinking variety!? I’m a mom, a wife, a blogger, a full time employee, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister…the list goes on, and there is no doubt that our Bloggers are busy women, and we won’t forget all you blogging Men and Dads out there! But, if you don’t have time to post new content at least once a week to get your readers engaged, you also aren’t going to get an advertiser engaged to pay you for a post. 2014 is showing a shift in how we search and review online, that shift is showing that more and more consumers are looking to you, the blogger, for advice. Advertisers notice that, and want to compensate you for the hard work you’re doing. But, they’re looking for someone who can be honest, as well as build out their own unique content. They’re looking to reach the audience you’ve already captured, so the more you can tap into your creative side the better. If you have writers block, that’s why finding a blogging community and following other blogs are so important. Which brings me to my last, but not least tip.


I’ve already stated that numbers aren’t everything, but if you’re looking to grow your Mom Blog into it’s own brand and that’s profitable, you’ll need numbers. Not just high numbers, but real people interacting with you and the content you’re building.  Advertisers and brands are looking for a “new set of eyes,” per say, and you are what they’ve been searching for. Be you, honest, and unique and you’ll get the interaction you are hoping for. Joining a blogger network or community will provide you with support when you’re experiencing writers block, can’t figure out that techie thing, why your HTML code just won’t do what you expected, and just a way to vent your ideas, and make friends. Bloggers support each other, and when you find a mentor in your group they’ll help you grow from that baby blog to a Power blog.

So Lets recap:

Spell Check Every Post

Don’t be Private, Be Social!

Get yourself a public blog account

Put in the time, be unique, and tap into your creative side

Find a Community for support

This is just a small list, and we at Find Your Influence would love to hear your thoughts! Share a link with some of your blogging tips, or give us your feedback. What is your #1 Blogging tip to growing your blogger reach?

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