Influencer Marketing Podcast: How to Effectively Manage Multiple Influencers

Today is a special episode because we’re featuring not just one but TWO of the leading ladies at FYI. Today your hosts are FYI co-founder, Cristine Viera, Influencer Manager, Lyndsey Jones, and me, Kelsey Havens, manager of educational content. Last time we talked about analytics and measurements with FYI’s other co-founder. It’s short, to-the-point and contains a lot of great info so if you need help deciding on metrics, you should definitely check it out.

This week we’re going to assume that you know how to launch campaigns and measure them effectively, but now you need to focus on long term management of influencer programs. If you’re not here yet, go back and listen to episodes 1 through 3.  You can also check out last week’s blog post for an introduction in this topic. But if you’re ready for it, today we’re talking about how to effectively manage multiple influencers and campaigns long term.

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Influencer Marketing Podcast: Episode 3

This week’s podcast features  FYI co-founder, Jamie Reardon, and Kelsey Havens, influencer marketing educator and writer. Last time we talked about How to Launch an Influencer Campaign with FYI’s other co-founder. If you haven’t listened to it yet, check it out. This week we want to take a deeper look at analytics and measurement. How do you effectively measure an influencer campaign?

How to measure an influencer campaign



Segment 1: Establishing goals with smart measurements
Segment 2: Total Reach and quality content
Segment 3: A close look at KPIs (conversion, CTR, CPM, CPC, social engagement)
Segment 4: Examples of great measurements vs. bad measurement


We can help you launch a stellar influencer marketing campaign. Simply send us an email. 


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Influencer Marketing Podcast: Episode 2

Last week we went over the basics of influencer marketing – what is it and what is an influencer? This week we’d like to take you to the next step, the really important part: How to Launch an Influencer Campaign. Join Find Your Influence co-founder, Cristine Vieira as she walks you through the basic steps and how to optimize your campaign.


How to Launch an Influencer Campaign


Segment 1: Preparing to launch a campaign
Segment 2: Find and contact the right influencers
Segment 3: Track results + payments


We can help you launch a stellar influencer marketing campaign. Simply send us an email. 


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Influencer Marketing Podcast: Episode 1

We are pleased to announce a brand new podcast by FYI designed to help advertisers launch successful influencer marketing campaigns. In our inaugural episode, the Influencer Marketing Podcast starts with the basics: What is influencer marketing? What is an influencer? Is influencer marketing effective? Join Lyndsey Jones and Kelsey Havens of Find Your Influence as they answer these questions and discuss how influencer marketing has worked for other brands.

Influencer Marketing: The Basics


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