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Over the past few months we’ve been featured in some amazing publications, from The Huffington Post to Entrepreneur Magazine. So today we wanted to share a little link love and point you all in the directions of some amazing articles on Influencer Marketing.


We were just thrilled when The Huffington Post mentioned our CEO, Jamie Reardon, in a recent article on ‪Influencer Marketing– Try These 8 Steps to a More Influential Blog.


Our Co-Founder, Cristine Vieira, shared her expert advice with CMS Wire on Influencer Marketing. Read the article here:


Jamie was also featured in a great Forbes article – Five Strategies To Influence The Influencers:


We were so excited to be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine! Read Jamie’s expert advice on turning influencers into ambassadors for your brand here:


Our post on seven reasons to work with online influencers was picked up by Chief Marketer!  Check it out here:


Jamie also recently shared three tips for launching a successful and cost-effective Influencer Marketing campaign. Check out our feature on eMarketing and Commerce here:


Convince & Convert featured our “How to Leverage Celebrity Influencers for Small Business” post on their blog! Check out our feature here:
Our article, “Four Reasons Your Next ‪‎Influencer Marketing Campaign Will Fail,” was featured on Ivy Exec!  Read the full article here:


Finally, we were just thrilled to see Find Your Influence featured in Inc. Magazine! Read our expert advice on why finding the right influencer for your brand is crucial to your campaign success here:

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Beating The Summer Blogging Blues


Summer is the season for bathing suits, BBQs, and the…blues? It seems like when summer rolls around the temperature goes up and your blog reach goes down, which may put you in a state of the “summer blues.”  No need to stress, though, look to using the excitement of the summer to connect with your audience. Here are five tips for beating the summer blogging blues:


  1. Beat the heat: Everyone is trying to escape the heat during the summer, so use this to your advantage.  Share your go-to spots to visit when it’s just too hot out. This could be a local coffee shop, a favorite book store, or even a few indoor or outdoor evening events that are happening in your area.


  1. Beauty Time: During the summer months, many people have a lot more time on their hands. So use this time to your advantage and share something beauty related that you may not have time to indulge in during the other times of the year. Kristina of Mothers Niche recently shared a fun DIY facial, so why not give it a try and share your experience with your readers?  Don’t forget to link back to Kristina’s post, though, because sharing is caring – even in the blog world.


  1. Summer Reading List:  Who doesn’t enjoy a good book over the summer? It’s the perfect time to get ahead on your reading, so why not come up with a great list of books that you think your audience would enjoy? The gals over at The Indie Chicks recently shared their summer reads, so read through their post for a bit of inspiration to get you started.


  1. Best Road Trip Games: Come up with a list of some fun trivia and mind games for people who are traveling this summer. Create your own game, or search around for a few fun ideas to share!


  1. Summer Recipes:  During the summer months, people are looking for recipes that are light and healthy. So why not write a post about your favorite healthy and delicious recipe? Taralynn of Simply Taralynn has shared a lot of healthy recipes that are super easy and fresh, like this yummy looking Avocado Celery Root Salad that would be perfect for a picnic lunch!


What are you some of your favorite ways to beat the heat and keep your blog readers engaged during the summer months? Share your ideas with us in the comments below, and don’t forget to sign-up to be a part of the Find Your Influence team if you haven’t already! Big things are happening for us and our influencers this summer, and we would love for you to be a part of it!


By: Kailey Loud and Chelsea Goodson for Find Your Influence

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5 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Following

Social Media Following

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one day and magically have thousands of people following and engaging with you on social media? Well, while we couldn’t agree more, we do know that there isn’t a magical formula that can do this for you. However, we have five effective tips to share that will not only increase your social media following, but also get you connected with like minded and engaging users.

  1. Make sure you’re utilizing the right social media channels for you. Are photos your passion? Then you should be on Instagram! Are you not into inspiration boards? Then you should probably stay away from Pinterest . Go through this process for every social media channel and confirm which ones really are the best for you (or your brand, style, etc.).
  1. Facebook and Twitter are two very similar, yet very different social media sites. While it’s fine to share the same post on both channels, it’s also very important to tailor your message to the audience you’re speaking to. Keep your tweets sweet and short and save your photos and detailed posts for Facebook.
  1. Using relevant hashtags is very helpful in spreading your post further, and finding  likeminded users. Don’t be afraid to try out different hashtags to find the ones that work best for you.
  1. Follow Twitter accounts and like Facebook pages that are relevant to your interests, focuses or business to further build your social media community.
  1. Lastly, don’t forget that when it comes down to it, social media is social. Utilize your Facebook page to like and share other people’s posts, along with favoriting and retweeting tweets on Twitter. Be a good social media neighbor, because everyone likes feeling recognized and appreciated – even if it is only online.


By: Kailey Loud and Chelsea Goodson for Find Your Influence

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Four Reasons Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign Will Fail



Let’s get one thing out of the way – influencer marketing isn’t new anymore. In fact, with brands big and small now leveraging influencers, or audiences with audiences, to build authentic content buyers crave, the focus turns to finding the right influencers to motivate your target customers.

And while that may be easier said than done, it’s key to ensuring your campaign. Whether it be who you’re choosing to work with, what you want to do, or what audience you want to reach, there’s virtually an end-less amount of factors to take into consideration.

So before you start, it’s crucial to examine each option to make sure you take your influencer campaign in the direction it needs to go. There are a lot of things that can go right – but there’s also a lot of things that could very, very wrong.

Want proof? Here are four things that could sink your next campaign:

1. Picking the Wrong Influencer:
The right influencer isn’t always the one who meets the eye. And don’t get fooled by large numbers of fol-lowers or fans…just because they have a big audience, doesn’t always mean that the influencer is right to advocate for your product.

In fact, the wrong influencer doesn’t care about your product or service – they only care about the paycheck, which betrays the authentic bond they developed with their audience. When that happens, it’s your brand that suffers the most.

“Your choice of influencer is going to make or break the way your brand is perceived, it’s crucial that the person you work with aligns with what you’re looking for,” said Jamie Reardon, CEO of Find Your Influ-ence, a leading influencer marketing platform that connects influencers and brands. “Spending time vet-ting your influencers to ensure their audience is your audience, and that they offer the third-party en-dorsement your brand needs is crucial.”

So how can you tell if you’ve found the right influencer? Find someone who’s excited about your product, not just the money you’re giving them to be excited. They should have a general interest in either the brand you’re trying to sell or the message you’re trying to send.

2. Inauthentic Content
There’s a difference between paying someone to say nice things about your brand and a whole other to have them experience your brand— and it’s palpable.

The entire point of influencer marketing is authenticity; that is, having the influencer advocate for your product in a genuine way and not in a way that comes off as forced.

In order to achieve this connection with your brand and audience, you need to allow for some flexibility. This may be hard to do because it’s your campaign, but these influencers have a following for a reason: they’re good at what they do. If you allow them to use their own voice and make it their own, it’s going to be way more effective and appealing to the audience then it would be if you were to set the criteria.

How can that work against you? Forcing an influencer to use the same canned content that doesn’t reflect the influencer’s true voice – or opinions. Trust me – the audience will know the difference.

3. Doing It By Yourself
Influencer marketing is a multi-step, mufti-touch process. Finding someone who matches your audience demographic considerations. Contacting them. Discussing their potential interest. Negotiating prices. Building a marketing platform. Ending the campaign with a good relationship with the influencers.

All told, it’s a lot to do by yourself, and your day is already full enough. Fear not – there are a number of influencer marketing tools that can help shoulder some of the load. In fact, there are a couple of turn-key tools that can take the load completely off of your shoulders.

“These days, almost everyone claims to be an expert in influencer marketing, so it’s important smart mar-keters are doing their research to find their right technology partners,” Reardon said, noting that Find Your Influence’s platform was the result of a collaborative effort led by marketers and technology strategists over a six year period. “During your vetting process, it’s essential that you find a balance with these com-panies, working with them to build connections for your platform and come up with ideas while still mak-ing the campaign yours.

“The best part? When you find the right company to collaborate with, your campaign can work seamless-ly,”

4. Not being able to measure your success
So you’ve activated your influencer marketing campaign, ad you’re positive you’ve found the right influ-encers, and even more positive you’ve got the right context mix. You’re anxious to take advantage of in-fluencer marketing’s vaunted 6.5:1 ROI, so you can show the C-suite how successful your campaign has been. But how?

Surely you remembered to build in an analytics platform to your campaign, one that tracks social shares and outreach, and follows your content from influencer to platform to end-user, and back again. And sure-ly you’ve got a team dedicated to tracking each share to ensure your influencer team is fulfilling their con-tractual obligations. And I’m positive you’ve reviewed content and placement to ensure everything is run-ning on message. Right?

Again, if measurement isn’t your strong suit, but you’re still committed to demonstrating the efficacy of your influencer marketing campaign, ROI and analytics is something you can turn to your platform partner for.

It’s true that influencer marketing is the next big thing for smart marketers, and it may very well be the next big thing for your brand. By paying attention to these four tips, you can make sure that your campaign is ready to succeed.

By: Megan Janetsky for Find Your Influence 


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How To Choose The Best Campaign For You


You have many options when it comes to marketing your business. Naturally, you might be wondering where you should start or what channels you should use to achieve the best results, right? Well, deciding to delve into the world of Influencer Marketing, is a great way to maximize the leverage of your business.

There are 150 million blog readers in the U.S alone, and 31.1 percent of consumers say that blogs influence their purchase decisions. Similarly, 57 percent of marketers say that they’ve acquired customers via their blog.

Making people aware that you/service exist helps drive traffic to your business and creates a buzz in the market. So how do you start this buzz and keep it spreading across the interwebs? With Influencer Marketing campaigns of course! But which one is right for you and your product? Well, we’ve included four types below to help you decide!

  1. Brand Awareness – A brand is the meaning behind your company’s name, logo, symbols and slogans. Thanks to the evolution of the internet and digital technology, the importance of brand awareness has become increasingly significant. The public is more equipped with mobile and social media tools to communicate quickly about your brand. In other words, it’s instant feedback.  By using this Influencer Marketing strategy, your brand will reach exposure not only in your own backyard, but across the globe.
  1. Product Awareness – Using Influencer Marketing to help develop product awareness is a creative way to get your product in front of the eyes of millions. When a blogger vouches for your product and tells their readers how much they enjoy it, they are increasing your product’s visibility. Ultimately, a strong online presence enhances the company’s trustworthiness and credibility.
  1. New Product/Service Launch – Influencer Marketing is a great way to launch a new product or service. This type of campaign is great for increasing exposure and upping the credibility of your brand. The influencers will help you gain the feedback you’re looking for in terms your new product/service almost instantly.
  1. Seasonal Campaign – The holidays are the busiest times of the year and what better way to market your new seasonal campaign than using Influencer Marketing and FYI. Some of the most popular posts for influencers are during the holiday season, as their readers are looking to them for guidance of what is the latest and greatest must haves during the holiday season.

Ultimately, choosing the right influencer campaign for you and your brand is crucial and the success of your campaign depends on it. Here at FYI, we’re experts in this space and we’re happy to help you pick the perfect campaign for you and your Influencer Marketing needs.

Post Written By: Kailey Loud for Find Your Influence 

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Influencer Marketing: Best Practices For Advertisers And Influencers



With Influencer Marketing still being a fairly new market, we’re often faced with hurtles that come with the territory. One of the biggest hurtles being the idea that many businesses, advertisers, agencies, and influencers haven’t had the opportunity to be educated on the best practices of working together through influencer marketing. Education is something that we’re really passionate about here at FYI, so today we wanted to share a few best practices for working on an influencer campaign, not just for advertisers, but also for influencers as well.

  1. Advertisers – Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day when it comes down to creating a timeline for your influencer marketing campaign. Just as you need time to brainstorm, create and execute, influencers need time to create original and creative content. Keeping this in mind will only better your campaign in the long run.
  2. Influencers – At the end of the day, the advertisers you’re working with need a way to show their return on investment so that they can continue to partner with you and offer more campaign opportunities. Keep this in mind when reading through partnership guidelines and looking to what they’re asking to be done in order to be able to visually see that ROI.
  3. Advertisers – Influencers know their audience better than anyone else. Try to remember this when asking for original content to be created, or when requesting specific verbiage to be included in their social posts. These influencers know how to talk to their audiences, and will do a great job making your campaign their own.
  4. Influencers – It can be upsetting when you’re so excited and waiting for something to arrive and it ends up showing up late, or sometimes even days after it was supposed to come, right? Advertisers feel the same when they’re waiting for you to post to your blog or social sites, so keep these deadlines in mind and work your hardest to meet every single one.
  5. Advertisers and Influencers – This one is for you both, and it’s pretty simple. Be kind to one another! At the end of the day, you’re in this together and both want to see your ideas and content succeed and flourish. So work as partners and communicate along the way to create an incredibly effective and creative campaign.

Ready to start your journey with Find Your Influence? Whether you’re an advertiser or an influencer, we encourage to check out our website and sign up for FYI profile today.

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5 Tips for Blogging While Working Full-Time


We’ll be the first to admit this, blogging is time consuming. Between creating fresh and creative ideas, writing heartfelt posts, taking and editing photographs, posting to your blog and keeping up with your social sites, you could spend all day working on your site. However, many bloggers also play many other roles in life, like mom, student, and coach, many of which may also have a full-time career. So the question becomes, where does the time for blogging come and how do you fit such a time consuming process into your schedule? We’ll we’ve come up with five tips for blogging while working full-time (or being a full-time student, mom, coach, etc.,) and know that these tips will not only help increase your productivity and help you to work smarter (not harder), but also help increase your engagement and grow your audience along the way.

  1. Utilize a Content Calendar

-Content Calendars are great for sorting through your ideas, coming up with a monthly theme, and having your photos and posts planned out before the month even begins. Here at FYI, we utilize this type of calendar every month to keep us organize and prepared for the month ahead, leaving us extra time to be present and in the know. We promise this calendar will save you so much time in the long run, and also to help keep you on-track and better organized.

  1. Schedule!

-The next best thing to having your content already prepared for the day is having it already scheduled too. We loving using tools like Hootsuite and Edgar to keep our posts on time and our schedule worry-free!

  1. Network!

-Get to know other bloggers and influencers in your area who have similar tastes and style as you! Be each other’s advocates and look to promoting one another’s content. The more you network and engage with your peers, fans and followers, the more you’ll see your blog grow.

  1. Track Your Blog Performance

-You’ve done all of the hard work, now track your performance! Tracking tools like Google Analytics and ShareTally can help you see which posts are performing the best, where your views are coming from, and also who some of your most engaging fans and followers are. Also, let your performance guide your content calendar for future months. Play into your strong points and create content that you know your readers are going to love.

  1. Have Fun!

-Don’t forget, blogging should be fine! While it can get overwhelming, especially when you have a full-time job or other obligations, don’t let that stop you from blogging at all. Take your blog one post at a time, and remember, your readers love you for you, so stay true to your voice and have fun with it!


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In-Flight Runway Shows, Southern Road Trips & DIY Used Tire Dog Beds: Influencer Marketing At Its Best


While Influencer Marketing may still be in its early stages, over the past few years brand and advertisers have slowly begun to dip their toes in the influencer pool. From small campaigns including product placement and keywords, to larger campaigns that have enlisted the help of some of the internet’s biggest superstars to promote their message and mission, advertisers and brands have begun to see great success, including, ROI because of their early adaption to Influencer Marketing.

To shine some light on a few of our favorite campaigns over the past few years, we thought we would share four campaigns that really grabbed our attention and showed how impactful influencer marketing really is. Among our favorites is Banana Republic’s 2012 Mad Man Flight. To promote their limited edition Mad Men collection, Banana Republic charted a Virgin America flight from NYC to LAX for an in-flight fashion show. Influencers and models alike were on onboard to enjoy all of the in-flight activities and sip on cocktails fit for Mr. Draper himself. This campaign garner tons of attention to Banana Republic and their limited edition line, not only online, but in-person as well with collection selling out of many of the items just hours post-flight. They campaign was also successful in introduced the brand to younger shoppers who may have been less familiar with them in the past.

Another favorite campaign of ours comes from the beauty brand, Urban Decay. In November of 2014 they banded together an intimate group of beauty influencers to help promote their Naked On The Run Palette by sending them off on a New Orleans road trip to test out their travel-friendly palette. The campaign was a home-run in the beauty world, and helped to send the palette flying off the shelves and into the hands of the influencer’s followers. One of our favorite posts on the campaign came from NYC-based beauty guru and style blogger, Keiko Lynn. We love how prior to this campaign she already stood as a brand advocate, and also how she visually kept us involved throughout the entire trip and duration of the campaign.

Lastly, Discount Tire recently worked with a few DIY, home décor and craft influencers to create a unique and innovated design using an old tire. Their influencers really got creative and produced wonderful designs, including a sweet pink dog bed, a tire swing, and a used tire flower planter. Discount Tire saw great engagement with this campaign, and really gave their influencers the liberty to creative an original and unique idea that their audiences would love.
We would love to hear about your favorite influencer campaigns!

Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

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“Hey, don’t I know you?” — How SMBs can leverage celebrity influencer marketing to grow their brands

SMBs & Celebrity



Nike does it. So does Apple. Disney was one of the first to do it. Microsoft is paying the NFL more than $100 million dollars over the next five years to do it for them.

When it comes to celebrity influencer marketing and brand ambassadors, it’s not who you know – it’s how much you’re paying them to know you. It’s a great strategy, particularly if you’re a billion dollar brand looking to maintain your presence in a crowded market.

But what if you’re not a billion dollar company? Is celebrity influencer marketing still a viable tactic for your company?

SMBs and Influencer Marketing

Let’s be clear – influencer marketing works no matter what size your company. And by offering an ROI of 6.5:1, influencer marketing can quickly become a marketer’s best friend. So why add a celebrity – and the risk that comes with that celebrity – to the mix?

“The whole concept of celebrity is very different than it was just a few years ago,” said Jamie Reardon, CEO of Find Your Influence, a leading influencer marketing platform. “Even as short as five years ago, you would never have seen movie stars making commercials or endorsing brands stateside.”

The point resonates as you examine just the very concept of “celebrity”; no longer limited to high-profile athletes and movie stars, celebrities now run the gamut to YouTube sensations and viral video hit makers, to reality TV stars and more. In fact, for the sake of this piece, a celebrity is no longer defined by how “famous” they are, but instead, by how motivated their target audience is.

“The celebrity marketplace is much more fractured than it has ever been. As content – and the way people receive that content – continues to personalize to an audience, so does the nature of those celebrities and their relationships to consumers,” continued Reardon. ““There are a lot more “celebrities” today than ever before – and given the increasingly fractured nature of the celebrity market, more and more celebrities are extending beyond their “celebrity”, and are building brands.”

Celebrity brands have become an alternative revenue stream to celebrities, and as such are very valuable if nurtured properly, to maintain a relationship with their target audiences.

Ryan Brunty, head of Social for Zappos COUTURE, agreed.

“We are living in an incredibly interesting time in which we are hyper connected to not only each other, but the pop culture icons we love and adore, sad Brunty.

Never before in history have we been able to share information at this rate and furthermore, connect on such a deep and personal level with our chosen celebrities. This extends to celebrities and the fact that we are now able to witness personal vignettes of their lives as though they’re close, personal friends of ours.

That makes for a very interesting proposition – who do consumers trust when it comes to what we purchase? Our friends, of course!

“Consumers are now able to get styling tips, shopping advice directly from their pop culture icons, said Brunty. “Interestingly enough, celebrities are now becoming their own pseudo-retailers as well, creating a personal shopping experience plugged into their blogs/websites.”

By that logic, celebrity influencer marketing is an extension of that circular experience. Marketers are challenged with aligning trust with the celebrity endorsement’s demographics while also staying true to their own brands.

Why are celebrity endorsements so valuable to SMBs?

Celebrity brands are a multi-billion dollar business today, but there are only so many mega-brands to go around, which makes celebrities more and more accessible to smaller brands than ever before. Given this increasingly fractured marketplace, marketers are finding it difficult to continue using traditional (think direct mail, or even email) marketing methods.

So instead of a one-at-a-time approach, marketers are learning the benefits of influencer marketing, or leveraging an audience with an audience.

“Influencer marketing is the new word-of-mouth, but scalable – and cost-effective,” said Reardon. “SMBs don’t have the resources to market one-at-a-time, so influencer marketing makes a lot of sense – communicate to a large group who share a common interest through a mutual thought leader, and you’ll see a much higher conversion rate.”

Zappos COUTURE agreed and began their first celebrity marketing campaign working with Lauren Conrad and the team.

“It has become very important for our Zappos COUTURE marketing initiatives to add influencer marketing to our yearly budget to supplement other areas of focus, said Brunty. “I would say it’s important for anyone in the retail space to highly consider this outlet as consumers look to celebrities for style tips, and we as advertisers want to ensure were aligned with where our customer’s interests are.”

The relationship with Lauren Conrad has paid off handsomely for the retailer, leading to a redux for their spring line.

“It’s exciting to see just how wonderfully these campaigns have affected our strategy in ways we couldn’t have even forecasted,” said Brunty. “It’s especially exciting for me, because of the fact that I championed this project; it was very near and dear to me and was important to implement.”

Zappos had originally allocated budget toward a display buy, but Brunty tweaked tactics at the last minute to sanction off a portion of the budget to experiment with influencer marketing.

“It took some convincing to the rest of the team, but in the end, we are so happy with the results that we just completed our second campaign with Lauren Conrad. The results have been amazing,” said Brunty. “To speak to the success, buyers are informing me of sold out and low inventory SKUs which is always exciting to see after a campaign execution.”

It turns out that even other celebrities are not immune to celebrity influencer marketing.

“For me, personally, the biggest success story comes from Sarah Jessica Parker being so excited about her SJP Collection being featured in the blog post that she sent a note to Lauren personally,” said Brunty. “It doesn’t get any cooler than that!”

Pieces of the Pie

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, social media spending in the US is expected to reach $27.4 billion by 2020, up from $12.3 billion in 2015, growing at a five-year annual growth rate of 17.4%. The way marketers slice their pie is getting more and more complex, with more and more offerings – influencer marketing can check off a number of boxes for most brands.

While celebrity influencers are more expensive than a traditional influencer, they offer a greater megaphone that some brands are looking to use to amplify their reach.

“The key to influencer marketing is target audience reach. It wouldn’t make sense to use Lauren Conrad as a brand ambassador for beard wax, because that’s not where her target audience – those who turn to her for advice – lives,” said Reardon. “By the same token, you wouldn’t have the Duck Dynasty guys selling women’s shoes. The audience fit an influencer can offer is what is critical for brands.”

That’s not to say marketers should completely abandon all other marketing strategies to jump on the celebrity bandwagon.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say celebrity endorsements “rather than” any other form of marketing as much as “in addition to”,” said Brunty. “It’s hugely important to have a well rounded strategy and this form of marketing falls directly in line with what we are trying to accomplish with our social marketing strategy.”

Want to learn more about how celebrity influencer marketing can boost your next campaign? Contact Find Your Influence’s Relationship Manager Jordan Windle, and put the industry’s leading influencer marketing platform to work for you today!

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Guest Blog Post: Organizing The Influencer Marketing Landscape By Robert Brill



By Robert Brill of Brill Media Consulting

The influencer marketing landscape is evolving fast, developing as a stand alone digital marketing practice outside of social media, native advertising and content marketing. Brands leverage the good will, fandom and reach of content creators and curators to endorse brands. Early entrants into the business, combined, are worth over $1B.

This is a complicated space with advertising agencies, PR companies, influencer specialist agencies, measurement companies, research businesses, individual creators and social media platforms working in compliment of each other to reach consumers.

To make sense of this ecosystem we assembled a view of the influencer marketing ecosystem.



Not every company in every category is being represented. There are certainly significantly more ad agencies and PR agencies than we show. Across all categories we’ve chosen companies who we know participate in the influencer marketing business.

Some businesses belong in multiple categories. It’s not uncommon for companies to serve both influencers and advertisers, or to be both a research business and a connector to influencers. Some companies cultivate their own network of influencers while being agnostic and working with any available influencer in the marketplace.



Influencer marketing is about people who create and curate great content. It’s artistic, creative and inspired work that only a select few people have the skill set to do well. We’re talking about artists for new media and new Hollywood.

Demand represents the groups who spend money to buy products; marketers and the agencies who serve marketers. Supply represents the providers of those products; companies who are aligned with the influencers’ interests, and the influencers themselves. Influencers supply the space, reach and good will that marketers are tapping into.



Certainly, a key part of this ecosystem is distribution from always on social channels. They give creators access to audience without having to rely on prohibitively expensive and difficult to access traditional media distribution methods.



FindYourInfluence – Double Sided Exchange

Advertisers get all the benefit of influencer marketing without the immense need to build infrastructure or sift through large pools of influencers. By already connecting to thousands of active and available influencers marketers get directly to the content strategy and activation strategy.  Once the managed or self service campaign is complete marketers pay FindYourInfluence, and they handle subsequent payments to influencers.



Just a few years ago nascent businesses like Maker Studios, Full Screen and Machinima were making waves as a new type of media company – multichannel networks, or MCNs. Today, these three companies are worth over $1B as a result of investment or buyout. Maker was bought by Disney for $500MM, with a kicker to $900MM if certain success thresholds are met. Machinima took investment from Warner Bros at a rumored $200MM valuation. Fullscreen was bought by Otter Media, which is a joint venture between AT&T and Chernin Group at $200MM – $300MM valuation.

These companies, and many like them (Omnia, Screenwave, Aweseomeness TV and Nerdist for example) continue to sell advertisers influencer campaigns. As reported by Business Insider the influencer ecosystem also gives Big Media (traditional media companies like broadcast networks, cable companies, cable operators and even digital first destinations) a competitive threat.

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