Influencer Marketing: Best Practices For Advertisers And Influencers



With Influencer Marketing still being a fairly new market, we’re often faced with hurtles that come with the territory. One of the biggest hurtles being the idea that many businesses, advertisers, agencies, and influencers haven’t had the opportunity to be educated on the best practices of working together through influencer marketing. Education is something that we’re really passionate about here at FYI, so today we wanted to share a few best practices for working on an influencer campaign, not just for advertisers, but also for influencers as well.

  1. Advertisers – Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day when it comes down to creating a timeline for your influencer marketing campaign. Just as you need time to brainstorm, create and execute, influencers need time to create original and creative content. Keeping this in mind will only better your campaign in the long run.
  2. Influencers – At the end of the day, the advertisers you’re working with need a way to show their return on investment so that they can continue to partner with you and offer more campaign opportunities. Keep this in mind when reading through partnership guidelines and looking to what they’re asking to be done in order to be able to visually see that ROI.
  3. Advertisers – Influencers know their audience better than anyone else. Try to remember this when asking for original content to be created, or when requesting specific verbiage to be included in their social posts. These influencers know how to talk to their audiences, and will do a great job making your campaign their own.
  4. Influencers – It can be upsetting when you’re so excited and waiting for something to arrive and it ends up showing up late, or sometimes even days after it was supposed to come, right? Advertisers feel the same when they’re waiting for you to post to your blog or social sites, so keep these deadlines in mind and work your hardest to meet every single one.
  5. Advertisers and Influencers – This one is for you both, and it’s pretty simple. Be kind to one another! At the end of the day, you’re in this together and both want to see your ideas and content succeed and flourish. So work as partners and communicate along the way to create an incredibly effective and creative campaign.

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5 Tips for Blogging While Working Full-Time


We’ll be the first to admit this, blogging is time consuming. Between creating fresh and creative ideas, writing heartfelt posts, taking and editing photographs, posting to your blog and keeping up with your social sites, you could spend all day working on your site. However, many bloggers also play many other roles in life, like mom, student, and coach, many of which may also have a full-time career. So the question becomes, where does the time for blogging come and how do you fit such a time consuming process into your schedule? We’ll we’ve come up with five tips for blogging while working full-time (or being a full-time student, mom, coach, etc.,) and know that these tips will not only help increase your productivity and help you to work smarter (not harder), but also help increase your engagement and grow your audience along the way.

  1. Utilize a Content Calendar

-Content Calendars are great for sorting through your ideas, coming up with a monthly theme, and having your photos and posts planned out before the month even begins. Here at FYI, we utilize this type of calendar every month to keep us organize and prepared for the month ahead, leaving us extra time to be present and in the know. We promise this calendar will save you so much time in the long run, and also to help keep you on-track and better organized.

  1. Schedule!

-The next best thing to having your content already prepared for the day is having it already scheduled too. We loving using tools like Hootsuite and Edgar to keep our posts on time and our schedule worry-free!

  1. Network!

-Get to know other bloggers and influencers in your area who have similar tastes and style as you! Be each other’s advocates and look to promoting one another’s content. The more you network and engage with your peers, fans and followers, the more you’ll see your blog grow.

  1. Track Your Blog Performance

-You’ve done all of the hard work, now track your performance! Tracking tools like Google Analytics and ShareTally can help you see which posts are performing the best, where your views are coming from, and also who some of your most engaging fans and followers are. Also, let your performance guide your content calendar for future months. Play into your strong points and create content that you know your readers are going to love.

  1. Have Fun!

-Don’t forget, blogging should be fine! While it can get overwhelming, especially when you have a full-time job or other obligations, don’t let that stop you from blogging at all. Take your blog one post at a time, and remember, your readers love you for you, so stay true to your voice and have fun with it!


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In-Flight Runway Shows, Southern Road Trips & DIY Used Tire Dog Beds: Influencer Marketing At Its Best


While Influencer Marketing may still be in its early stages, over the past few years brand and advertisers have slowly begun to dip their toes in the influencer pool. From small campaigns including product placement and keywords, to larger campaigns that have enlisted the help of some of the internet’s biggest superstars to promote their message and mission, advertisers and brands have begun to see great success, including, ROI because of their early adaption to Influencer Marketing.

To shine some light on a few of our favorite campaigns over the past few years, we thought we would share four campaigns that really grabbed our attention and showed how impactful influencer marketing really is. Among our favorites is Banana Republic’s 2012 Mad Man Flight. To promote their limited edition Mad Men collection, Banana Republic charted a Virgin America flight from NYC to LAX for an in-flight fashion show. Influencers and models alike were on onboard to enjoy all of the in-flight activities and sip on cocktails fit for Mr. Draper himself. This campaign garner tons of attention to Banana Republic and their limited edition line, not only online, but in-person as well with collection selling out of many of the items just hours post-flight. They campaign was also successful in introduced the brand to younger shoppers who may have been less familiar with them in the past.

Another favorite campaign of ours comes from the beauty brand, Urban Decay. In November of 2014 they banded together an intimate group of beauty influencers to help promote their Naked On The Run Palette by sending them off on a New Orleans road trip to test out their travel-friendly palette. The campaign was a home-run in the beauty world, and helped to send the palette flying off the shelves and into the hands of the influencer’s followers. One of our favorite posts on the campaign came from NYC-based beauty guru and style blogger, Keiko Lynn. We love how prior to this campaign she already stood as a brand advocate, and also how she visually kept us involved throughout the entire trip and duration of the campaign.

Lastly, Discount Tire recently worked with a few DIY, home décor and craft influencers to create a unique and innovated design using an old tire. Their influencers really got creative and produced wonderful designs, including a sweet pink dog bed, a tire swing, and a used tire flower planter. Discount Tire saw great engagement with this campaign, and really gave their influencers the liberty to creative an original and unique idea that their audiences would love.
We would love to hear about your favorite influencer campaigns!

Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

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